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Saturday, July 06, 2013

For The Record

We Love Baseball!  Yep, that is for the record books.  I notice many of my Facebook friends do as well, go Braves!

This past April we left for Pittsburgh for an overnight to see our Braves play in our favorite park.  Though we haven't visited every ball field, PNC park is our favorite so far!  The Braves are only in Pittsburgh once a season and we especially love going when they're playing 'our' team.  It was a four game series that began on Thursday.  We could have taken in the Thursday/Friday games, which would have been our preference, but we planned on the Saturday/Sunday games due to our son not able to take vacation time from work.  It was his birthday weekend and so we wanted to celebrate that as well!

So, hotel is booked and we are excited.  Yep, we love baseball, we even plan a vacation around catching a baseball game.  That is exactly how we saw this weekend, a 'mini' vacation.  However, while away, I guess it was noted, in jest, to the congregation that we weren't there because we were at a baseball game.

Without even going down the many avenues that our enemy (Satan) is so successful at leading us with such juicy statements, I would rather simply state that, we love baseball!  I'm not going to deny it.  But because we had never gone away for a Saturday overnight baseball game, it's possible to have seen this as a skipping Church event instead.  Even though in 21 years and in 2,000 plus weekends we have never chosen to take in a couple games this way, some people (still) could choose to believe that baseball is becoming an idol in our life.

We were informed of the statement by the one who made it, admitting it with regret.  No worries, don't we all say things we wish we could take back?!  However, we have not received any comments from anyone!  Nope, not a soul.  So, why am I writing about this since there was no fall out?  So that I can say, I love God more than baseball.  Since the statement was made publicly, I feel the need to respond, somewhat publicly.  In fact, as Dave and I talked about this, we both agreed that unless we fit a baseball game into our weekly times away, we would never leave for a weekend baseball series again, not even if it accommodates a family member's work schedule.  We made this decision even though we received no backlash or complaints from anyone.

I love baseball, but let the record show, I love God more!  My mission at Perry Baptist is to increase your affection for God.  I can hardly encourage your loving God more if there is any question of my own love for God.  I know you know this, but I had to......let the record show ;-)

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